Official proclamation not needed to love hockey: Sports minister

Official proclamation not needed to love hockey: Sports minister

of Youth Affairs and has maintained that for loving no official proclamation is required.

“For loving and hockey, we do not need official proclamation. (Like) now (that) it is (our) national sport so let us start loving it. Even in terms of facilities, is one of the priority of our country,” said on Naveen Patnaik’s letter to to officially make India’s national sport.

He added that he would leave this up to the people who love Hockey whether they would want it to be declared a national sport officially or they would continue to love it even if it remains unofficial.

Patnaik has written a letter to Modi, urging him to officially recognise hockey as the national sport of

As Odisha is all set to host in Bhubaneswar in November this year, Patnaik said that he was shocked to learn that hockey -which is considered as our national game–has never been officially notified.

“As you know Sir, the next Hockey will be held in Odisha in November this year. While reviewing the preparations, I was surprised and shocked to know that what is popularly known as the National Game – Hockey, has in fact never been notified as our National Game,” Patnaik pointed out in his letter to Modi.

Patnaik then urged the Prime Minister to recognise hockey as the national game.

On a related note, the much-anticipated Odisha Hockey Men’s is slated to be held from November 28 to December 16 at the iconic

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