Malayalam actor Dileep imbroglio: 50 Kannada actors write a letter

Malayalam actor Dileep imbroglio: 50 Kannada actors write a letter

The past week has seen a lot of debate in
Kerala over the reinstating of actor Dileep in the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes. Many have questioned this move, approved by the new president
Mohanlal, and the Kannada film industry too has written to the body. In a letter signed by 50 artistes and technicians, the members of the Kannada film industry and the body Film Industry for Rights & Equality have addressed the general secretary of the body asking them to re-consider the same, when expressing their shock.
The effort to put together this letter, spearheaded by actors
Chetan and
Sruthi Hariharan, saw support from a lot of actresses and the younger generation. The letter reads, “We, members of the Kannada Film Industry (
KFI) and Film Industry for Rights & Equality (FIRE), write this letter to express our outrage and disappointment regarding a decision taken by the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) at a general body meeting on June 24th, 2018.

AMMA, a body with a history of reputable work, has shockingly & unfortunately reinstated Mr. Dileep, who was expelled in 2017 for being the primary accused on abduction and sexual assault charges booked under 17 sections of the
Indian Penal Code.

Although we of KFI & FIRE espouse the Constitutional notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ we deem AMMA’s reinstatement as even more inappropriate since the victim has been a member of AMMA and the accused has yet to be acquitted of all wrongdoing.

With issues like women’s safety and gender equality being at the forefront of national debate, our cinema industries have strong responsibilities to blaze exemplary trails for the rest of society.

We, of KFI and FIRE, ask that AMMA immediately revoke its judgment to reinstate Mr. Dileep until all charges are cleared and uphold the moral compasses that our film industries at their best possess.

We anticipate swift, sincere action from AMMA, upon which we intend to join hands in building safe & healthy working environments for all our industry personnel.”