AISA president alleges attack, ABVP denies its hand

AISA president alleges attack, ABVP denies its hand

Kawalpreet Kaur, president of the
All India Students’ Association, on Friday alleged that she was
attacked by
ABVP members when she was on her way to
Kirori Mal College. Kaur claimed that she was called an “anti-national” and stopped from entering the campus. In the ensuing argument, she admitted to having slapped one of them, adding that the person then slapped her back.

Kaur said she, along with two friends, were going to meet a professor. “We saw our friends campaigning (for DUSU polls) and decided to join them. We realised that we were being followed by four people from ABVP, who kept passing comments at us and threatened to throw us out of the college,” Kaur said. “It felt so humiliated that my natural response was to slap him (one of the men), which I did,” Kaur said, adding that the person hit back.

“After this, he started to run away. When my friend, Dhiraj, tried to chase him, he was surrounded by at least 12-15 ABVP members near the main gate. They brutally assaulted him before a professor rescued him,” Kaur said in a statement to the media. Kaur claimed that the men accused her friend of raising slogans of “Hindustan Murdabad” and that he deserved to be beaten up. “They also called us urban naxals,” Kaur said. In her complaint to police, Kaur named an ABVP activist, Mohit Dahiya, and a student,
Sandeep Sharma.

ABVP, however, called the incident “pre-poll propaganda.” Speaking to TOI, Bharat Khatana, ABVP DU unit head, said Kaur had a history of levelling allegations. “No one from ABVP was involved in the incident. She slapped a first-year student, Sandeep Sharma, who is not an ABVP member. The student may have slapped her back. But Kaur took this opportunity to accuse Dahiya, who was present near the spot,” Khatana said.

He added: “These are attempts to sully the name of ABVP before elections. Kaur slapped a first-year student and even threatened him. She has a habit of levelling false accusations”.