Your pet cat can give you this rare bacterial infection

Your pet cat can give you this rare bacterial infection

You may be a cat freak and love cuddling your pet. However, that may not be very healthy. In fact, you may get infected with certain rare disease. That is exactly what has happened with a 68-year-old man from Missouri in the US. He has developed a rare disease, called glandular tularemia which is caused by a bacterial infection and can lead to fatal pneumonia in extreme cases. This man is now suffering from a painful skin condition and his dead cat is to be blamed, say experts. The man has huge swollen lesions on the side of his face and neck, stated a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine 

After a blood test confirmed that he has got infected with the rare disease, the doctors at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis found out that he had contracted the infection from his outdoor cat who died just two days before his lumps appeared. He has not only suffered from painful lesions for weeks but has also gone through a week-long fever.  

According to the report, a domestic cat can consume an infected prey and contract the same bacterial infection. Also, this infected cat can transmit the infection to human beings who are exposed to handling the cat.  The typical signs of this rare bacterial infection include swollen lymph glands along with fevers, headaches and exhaustion, suggest experts.  

The New England Journal of Medicine report stated that the man was treated with the antibiotic, doxycyline. While his lesions improved within five days, they disappeared completely after three weeks, revealed the same report.  


Published: September 14, 2018 10:36 pm