Vitamin D supplements do not improve bone health, claims study

Vitamin D supplements do not improve bone health, claims study

We all know that vitamin D supplement is beneficial for our bone health. But according to a new study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal, the researchers found no bone benefits from supplementing the vitamin after combining data from 81 randomised controlled trials. According to the Gulf  Time report, the research suggests that vitamin D supplementation may not prevent fractures in adults or improve bone density.

The study co-author Dr Alison Avenell of the University of Aberdeen in the UK reportedly said that their results show that there is little reason for adults to take vitamin D supplements for their bones to protect against fractures, except people from high-risk groups, such as those who have a prolonged lack of exposure to sunshine. For example, older people in institutions who never go outside.

For treating and preventing the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis, vitamin D supplements have long been recommended to seniors.

Avenell and her team would like to see guideline changes that steer people away from the supplements. They have also sourced the medical literature for studies that examined the impact of vitamin D supplementation on bone health for the new study.

Ultimately with a total of 53,537 participants, they settled on 81 trials. The length of time participants was studied varied widely, ranging from four weeks to as long as five years. More than three-quarters of the trials included women over age 65.

The researchers found that vitamin D supplementation had no effect on the number of fractures and falls after they pooled the data from all 81 trials. Even the dosage of vitamin D seems to make no difference.

Also, supplements didn’t seem to increase bone density. Avenell reportedly said that one major issue in studying vitamin D is there is no consensus on what’s a healthy level of the nutrient. There’s a lot of disagreement between different bodies producing guidelines around the world.

Published: October 8, 2018 5:39 pm